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Tire repair

Pads and rotors replaced

You depend heavily on your vehicle's brakes to keep you, your passengers, and fellow motorists safe. Bring your car or truck to Tire Zone for brake inspection and/or repairs. We can replace your brake pads, shoes, rotors, and other integral parts for less than most competitors. We will make sure your brakes give you optimal performance.


When you get work done by us, you can only expect the best quality products. From Nitto to Hercules; Nexen to Good Year; and Pirelli to Cooper, we make use of only the top brands available in the market for your complete satisfaction.

We gladly work on any make and model of car or truck.

Call us today for a FREE estimate on brake or suspension service.

Our team can diagnose your suspension system for leaks and underperformance. We can replace your suspension for less than your car dealership can. Schedule service with us today.

Ensure safe stopping distance

Top rated products installed

- Nitto

- Hercules Tires

- Ironman 4X4

- GT

- Nexen

- Pirelli

- Mastercraft

- Good Year

- Cooper Tires


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